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From DC 12V to AC220V

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  • Leader 300-600W POWER INVERTER CAR DC 12V to AC 220V


    1 high efficiency conversion, initiation soft smart function.

    2 Multiple protections safe.

    3 The tickets and the Outputs are fully independent.

    4 smart, light and portable. Designed for car use.

    5 plug universal, suitable for foremost type plugs.

    6 output waveform modified.

    7's Technology Stabil's high precision voltage.

    8 mute Technology Aerospace.

    9 The cooler fan and the state's performance are controlled by intellectually MCU, that prolongs its lifetime and assists to save the power consumption.


    Ensure To Safety car power inverter, have been designed eight protections, including protection against overcharge, anti over voltage protection, protection against low voltage, protection against high temperature and shorts shorts, etc.


    It is you inverter It is tá extraordinarily designed Car, it can convert from 12v portable power supply to 220V and be widely used with those electric equipment that the energy consumption It is lower than 80 W, as notebook, phone mobile, razor, digital camera, digital video, TV, CD, DVD, Machine Games, cleanser, refrigerator, electric light, loader and various tools.



  • Colour Rojo
  • For All
  • Measurements: 18 x 11 x 6,4 cm
  • Specifications: Inverter DC 12A to AC220V
  • Weight 621 g